MPS Coaches OnBoarding

Steps For Coaches

1. The following items are required prior to the start of processing with the district:

2. Individual meets with site administrator, providing copies of the documents above.

3. After agreement from site administrator of intent to hire via signature on referral form (and volunteer packet if applicable):

  • Individuals who will serve as volunteers contact the volunteer office at 480-472-0434 to set up an appointment for processing. These individuals should bring copies of all completed forms listed above as backup to the site’s submission of forms.
  • Individuals who will serve as paid coaches will be contacted by Human Resources to set up an appointment for processing. 

Individuals are not permitted to start serving as coaches until the approval process is complete.

Steps for Sites

  1. Site provides information to the individual about the approval process.

  2. Once the individual has completed step 1, as detailed in the “Steps for Coaches” list, the site administrator will meet with the individual, collect all documentation & sign the completed referral form (and volunteer packet if applicable).

  3. A site representative will then scan the completed documents & submit to the district via the New Coach Information Submission Form.

  4. Once the coach has completed all steps above, documents have been processed & the individual is approved by HR in writing, the individual is then permitted to coach.