Junior High Baseball
Schedules are tentative and subject to changes prior to the start of the school year.

Upcoming schedule of games

8th Grade Baseball Schedules
Carson 8th Grade

Nov 2: 
Nov 4: 
Nov 8: 
Nov 16: 
Nov 18: 
Nov 22: 

Franklin 8th Grade
Fremont 8th Grade
Kino 8th Grade
Poston 8th Grade
Rhodes 8th Grade
Shepherd 8th Grade
Smith 8th Grade
Stapley 8th Grade
Taylor 8th Grade
7th Grade Baseball Schedules
Carson 7th Grade
Fremont 7th Grade
Kino 7th Grade
Poston 7th Grade
Shepherd 7th Grade
Smith 7th Grade

Stapley 7th Grade