Heat Illness Awareness & Practice Protocol

The MPS Heat Index is determined by adding the temperature to the relative humidity. For example, if the temperature is 105 degrees and the humidity is 35%, the total number is 140 (Danger Zone). When it is raining, the heat index may be modified at the discretion of the coach and athletic trainer.

Heat Index Levels


Under 135 Below Danger Zone Practice as normally conducted. Water available and breaks given.
136-145 Danger Zone Practice with modifications. Modifications may include: reduced amount of equipment worn, adjusted practice time, reduced running schedule, water available and more frequent breaks given, increased supervision by Athletic Training Staff and Coaches.
Above 146 Critical Zone Practice modified, postponed, or cancelled. Modifications may include: no equipment worn or no running schedule, water available and breaks given every 10-15 minutes or as needed, practice moved indoors, practice postponed until reading is no longer in the critical zone, increased supervision by Athletic Training Staff and Coaches.
Practice Suggestions

Have water available and encourage athletes to bring their own.
- Encourage athletes to hydrate PRIOR to practice. Athletes should consume 17-20 fl. oz. of water or sports drink 2-3 hours before exercise and 7-10 fl. oz. of water or a sports drink 10-20 minutes before exercise.
Schedule water breaks into the practice plan. Be aware of situations where athletes may need more water breaks based on intensity level and climate conditions.
- Encourage athletes to hydrate AFTER practice with water or a sports drink. Energy drinks and soda are not recommended for use in hydrating the body.